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Pick a theme that works best for your window display and then shop the products to complete the look yourself

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Window Display Concepts & Products



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    Customers prefer and are more likely to buy from an employee who is wearing a uniform than not.


    The dressing room is where your customer is making their purchasing decision so its important to create a space which is comfortable and inspiring.


About Us

Our team has experience in all branches of retail including;
visual merchandising, retail experience design, store management, sales,
interior design, store planning, and styling.

Store Stylist has provided retail solutions, inspiration, and products to
small and large retailers alike.

We have become a leader in free online retail planning for retailers worldwide by delivering everything a retailer is looking for all in one place.

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    Our highly trained staff has compiled all of their knowledge to help you solve all of your retail design needs for free

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    Store Stylist is devoted to inspire and give you all the tools needed to create an amazing shopping experience

What others say about us

Charles Froom

I am responsible for buying everything for the fit-out for several retail locations for my clients and have not found a better selection of everything I need than what I have through Store Stylist. It is the most convenient way to do my job since I only need to go to one place to find everything I need!

Charles FroomInterior Stylist
Tiffany Nowicki

I own a small boutique and don’t have the budget to hire a visual merchandiser so I often refer to Store Stylist to help me merchandise my store using the most effective techniques.

Tiffany NowickiStore Owner


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