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Cash Counter

Cash Wrap Definition

A cash wrap is a place within your retail store where your product or service can be purchased by your customer. It will be where you have your register and other supplies since this is most often the main space where your retail associates will work from. Cash wraps may also be known as a retail checkout counter, point of sale, cash register counter stand, the point of purchase or retail store counter.

The Importance of a Cash Wrap

Cash wraps are one of the most important retail fixtures in your store, so it’s important to consider these next points when purchasing a cash counter. Make sure your cash wrap is easily identifiable and visible so your customers don’t need to guess where they can check out or get help. Your retail checkout counter is a central point in your store and if done correctly can; encourage buying psychology, used as a work area for your staff, and create a positive last impression which your customers will remember.

Buying Psychology

When your customer has already made the decision to buy something then they are more likely to make additional impulse purchases especially when they are at the cash wrap counter since there is also a sense of urgency because of the short amount of time they have to make their buying decision. This is why it is important to merchandise your cash wrap in a way that encourages last-minute purchases. This can be achieved by having merchandise that is smaller and has a low to mid-range price point. Your goal when merchandising your cash wrap should be to encourage your customers to purchase products that they weren’t planning on.

Staff Work Area

Your staff will be completing a lot of different tasks at the cash wrap which is why it is important that it is versatile enough to accommodate everything that needs to be done. The retail checkout counter shouldCash Wrap be able to accommodate the following tasks;  check out customers in a fast and organized matter, accept deliveries, answer product questions as well as provide excellent customer service, wrap and package purchased merchandise, and complete administrative tasks. Employees will spend a lot of time at the cash wrap. They will check out customers, handle returns, answer questions, accept deliveries, and take care of more administrative tasks at the cash counter. Because your employees will be doing such a diverse set of tasks at this location, the furniture needs to be versatile. There also needs to be enough space behind the cash wrap for employees to move around and hold storage for personal items and work supplies.

4 Cash Wrap Tips

1. Counter Space

It is important that your cash wrap has enough counter space to so the customer never has a feeling of crowdedness or chaos, the checkout process should be relaxed and enjoyable. Another point to keep in mind is if a customer is purchasing many items then you don’t want the customer to get the feeling they bought too much. Having more counter space will also leave room for additional items they might want to buy impulsively at the end.

2. Organization

The cash desk should always be clean and uncluttered as well as have enough space for; your POS system, signage, and impulse items. Everything that does not need to be seen by the customer should be put away behind the cash desk. Also, all office supplies should look classic and not colorful or distasteful.

3. Signage

It is good to have signage at your cash desk since this is a time when your customer has a moment to pause and read something while they are waiting for their purchases to be rung up. Use this opportunity to communicate things such as a newsletter sign-up form, or upcoming events and sales.

4. Brand Aesthetic

Your cash wrap should stay within the same theme as the rest of the fixtures in your store and reflect your brand image.

3 Cash Wrap Designs

The 3 main basic designs of cash wraps are as follows; single counter, two connecting counters to form an L shape, and three connected counters to create a U shape. The type you pick will have to do with how much space you have, the supplies you will need to store and how many customers and staff you expect to check out at a time.

Cash Counter Location within Store Layout

Your cash wrap location should one of the first items planned in your planogram since it should be the central point of your store and everything else correlates with it. In general, a good location for a cash counter is on the left-hand side of the store which is closer to the entrance but not so close that it is the main thing that a customer sees when they enter the store. The left is better than the right side since usually, customers will turn right when they enter a store and you want them to first see your products before they think about making them think about paying for their purchases. It is also important that staff is able to see the whole store from the cash wrap counter to make sure all customers are within sight to help with theft as well as customer attentiveness.

Final Positive Impression

After your customer has found something they want to purchase it is important that their final interaction at the cash wrap is a positive experience so that when they leave your store with a good overall impression of not only their shopping experience but the checkout experience as well.