fitting room

7 Fitting Room Necessities

  1. Good lighting- It is important your dressing room has flattering lighting, nothing too bright or dim
  2. Big mirrors- 180-degree mirrors are optimal but if not then just make sure the mirrors are big enough for people to see everything from their feet to above there head
  3. A stool or chair- This is optimal for people to put their bags and clothing they are taking off and offers a place to sit
  4. Hooks- Having at least three hooks is perfect for people to organize their clothes, sometimes having text above the hooks such as; Maybe, No, and Yes, helps people sort out what they want to purchase
  5. Adding names- Having a chalkboard with the customers’ name outside of the dressing room helps your employees refer to them on a first name basis making the experience more personal
  6. Decorate- Have your dressing rooms reflect your brand and create a space which is comfortable and memorable, you want your customers to have a great experience in the moments where they are deciding to make a purchase or not
  7. Lounge- Provide seating for people who are waiting for your customers to try on clothes
Fitting Rooms

Fitting Room Statistics

71% more likely to buy if your customer uses the fitting room

30% chance your customer will leave the fitting room if the line is too long

30% more likely to buy if customers receive help in the dressing room

20%  more likely to return an item if it was not tried on first

30% bigger basket size if there is a call button in the fitting room or an associate who can help customers get sizes and suggest other options (upselling techniques work best in fitting rooms).

Fitting Room Do’s and Dont’s

  • Don’t limit the number of items customers can take in if a customer exceeds this number they will often put it down or give it to the salesperson and those items are most likely to get forgotten instead of purchased.
  • Do have staff in the fitting room that will bring your customer’s additional sizes and suggest other articles
  • Do keep your dressing rooms clean and well organized, there should be no clutter visible to the customer and rooms should be cleared out after each customer leaves the room
  • Do promote other merchandise by featuring them in the dressing room area, for instance, if you offer shoes have a few different styles in the most popular size in the rooms or in the open area for customers to be able to try on with outfits or have a style of the week in which you hang a different color or version of this style on every door
  • Don’t let your fitting rooms be too small, people need space to move around and it’s important they don’t feel cramped and overwhelmed by too much clothing