What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion MerchandisingFashion merchandising has many different parts to it but at its core, it is about examining trends in the fashion industry and then translating these trends into your in-store retail marketing strategy in order to promote apparel sales through conceptualizing amazing promotional campaigns.

In retail, fashion merchandising responsibilities also include tracking consumer trends and styles to buy store inventory accordingly. You will also create the retail display’s and the overall appearance of the store.

It is also important that you are constantly analyzing your sales to see if your floor plan (planograms) is having an impact on your sales as well as make better buying decisions for the merchandise in your store.

New Fashion Merchandising Technology

What does a Fashion Merchandiser do?

Fashion merchandising for your store will involve developing; displays(window and in-store), visual merchandising, campaigns, and retail marketing, which includes creating sales strategies.Fashion Merchandising

As a fashion merchandiser, it is important that you are able to predict market and fashion trends so you can translate this to your store to keep up with the changing needs of the consumers. Trend forecasting research can be done by reading current trend reports or looking to social and cultural influences, as well as looking to current events.

Here are some of the resources we use to help you:

You can also check out our trend reports here.

If you are able to go to fashion trade shows and runway shows it is a great way to not only observe fashion trends but also look how they items are being displayed. Trade shows are a fashion merchandisers dream since it is a great way to see all the new ways that merchandise is being displayed which you can then implement into your store.

Important Fashion Merchandising Skills

  • Creating great retail marketing strategies that will increase sales
  • Conceptualizing current advertising campaigns
  • Ensure that all of your retail displays are eye-catching enough catch the eye of your customers
  • Analyse your sales numbers and look to your planogram to see if there are any relations
  • Trend forecasting, look to trend reports to assess the changing needs of your customers and predict new style trends to help with the buying of new inventory