Choosing the right store fixtures for your retail space

Retail fixtures are one of the most visually prominent design elements in your store so it is important that they are consistent with your brand’s identity as well as visually pleasing. One of our specialty store services is offering you a variety of retail supplies and store fixtures that are both practical but also stylish to ensure that the style of your store will not be compromised by your store fixtures but rather adding to your store’s appeal. Your stores interior should encourage shopping by making it easy to shop the merchandise through good organization and the proper retail fixtures that are appropriate for the different categories of products. Choosing the right fixtures is they key to successfully having your products sell themselves. It is important to invest in options that fit your floor plan and complement your product assortment. Here are some guidelines to consider when buying your store fixtures:

Store Fixtures Match Store Theme and Brand Identity

Once you have done your retail merchandising research you should have come to a conclusion of what kind of brand image you would like to create. Once that is established and you begin to plan the store interior everything should follow this theme to make sure you have a cohesive look. Your brand identity is created through many small details and fixtures is one of those elements. For instance the colors you select for your shelves, fixtures, racks, hangers, and tables should match be in line with your brand color palette. Also, something to consider is what kind of materials work best for your brand. For instance, a home interior store that prides themselves on natural materials should consider keeping that theme for their store fixtures and displays as well. Materials such as wood and high-quality metals such as brass would fit with the brand’s identity and complement the products as well. It is also possible to create a theme using your retail fixtures and organize your products around that. Having a theme allows customers to understand what the style of your store is without having to look through all of your merchandise.

Choosing the right store fixtures for your retail space

Minimize Clutter

Customers can shop your products more easily if you are able to reduce clutter throughout your displays. It is important to simplify product organization and presentation by only not having too many of the same products and allowing there to be space within your fixtures to allow for the products to breathe.

Creating a Comfortable Shopping Experience

Products should not be placed too low or high so your customer can easily access everything without any strain. These areas can instead be used as storage for extra stock. It is also important that all merchandise is within a clear line of sight.

Fixtures That Allow Flexibility

Before choosing your fixtures it is important that you have already created a floor plan with all measurements included to make sure that everything will fit accordingly. Even if you are purchasing fixtures with a set floor plan in mind you should try to buy ones that allow for you to arrange them in different ways to allow for changes to be made in the future.

Creating Value Through Material and Design of Displays

What your merchandise is displayed on plays a huge role in the perceived value of the products itself. For an upscale brand make sure to add fixtures that are of a higher quality and have an elegant design. This is something that shoppers expect when they are paying higher prices for a nice retail experience is one of the reasons why they choose to pay more. Boutique store fixtures should stay away from things that might look to industrial and rather go for displays that are unique and look of a higher quality.

Store Fixtures That Highlight Merchandise

Your fixtures should highlight and draw attention to your merchandise as well as organize it in a manner that makes it easy to find things and sift through to find different sizes and styles. Your fixtures allow you to organize your merchandise in a way that allows room for cross merchandising as well as laying products out in a way so that your customer is inspired by the look and can easily visualize how they can use it themselves. Fixtures can also allow you to highlight just certain products by having them facing outwards or giving them extra space to have a display of their own. Minimal store fixtures that allow your customers to see what is displayed on them in one glance is convenient for fast easy shopping and product visibility.

Different kinds of store fixtures

  • 2 and 4 Way Displays– These fixtures allow for your merchandise to be displayed facing out so that customers have the chance to have an easy visual overview of the products without having to remove them from the display.
  • Gondolas- Also often used as end caps, these fixtures are free standing and often display merchandise on a notch or peg. They are intended for various small items which are easy to grab.
  • Modular- This is a customizable fixture which you can use to mix and match units to create new displays depending on how much merchandise you need to display. This is ideal for stores that do not have too much inventory and would like to remain flexible.
  • Rounders– This is a round freestanding fixture that hangs clothing sideways. Displaying your merchandise this way reduces visibility but you can gain more space which is ideal if you have larger quantities of products. Make sure to leave extra space around the rounder to allow your customers to have enough room to remove the products and move around the rounder freely.
  • Display Case- This is a great way to create a look of value and exclusivity which is a nice touch if you are a retailer selling high-end jewelry. The downside to this, on the other hand, is that customers are not as free to interact with your merchandise but if you have valuable jewelry, for instance, this is something that you might want to avoid in any case. Since your customers can’t handle the products themselves it is important that everything is very visible so customers can have an idea of how something looks in its entirety before asking to see it.
  • Tabletop Displays- This is an open display case which customers are able to touch and interact with. This is a good spot to put new merchandise these displays have high visibility and spotlight the products that are presented on it. This is a display that should have products set up in a way which will inspire your customers and allow them to imagine how they can use these products themselves.