Shop Lights Categories

Why Shop Lights are Important

Having the right shop lights are important for numerous reasons, a few of them being; they allow your products to stand out, affects the shopping behaviors of customers, highlighting certain areas or your entire store, and creates ambiance in your store which has an effect on your customer retail experience. Before choosing your lighting it is important to consider all these elements and choose what effects you would like your lighting to have in your retail space as well as customers.

Effects of Different Types of Shop Lights

The way that you plan to strategically use your shop lights within your retail space can alter the mood of your customers as well as affect their subconscious mind while they are shopping at Retail Lightingyour store. Here are some of the effects that lighting has on customers and perception of space:

  • Bright Lights- Using bright lights in your store can evoke a sense of positivity, honesty, and has also shown to promote impulse purchasing. It promotes impulse purchasing because of the brighter the lighting the higher the speed at which your customer is purchasing products. The feelings evoked by bright shop lights is a sense of vibrancy and fun.
  • Dim Lighting- A softer more dim lighting is less visually stimulating than brightly lit spaces but it is positive if your goal is to slow the pace at which your customers shop at, increasing the amount of time they will spend in your store. The more time they spend in the store may also result in them taking their time to go through more of your products and buy more things. Using dim lighting in your store also creates a feeling of peace and calmness.
  • Highlighting- Lighting strategically to highlight certain areas of the store can influence where the customer’s eyes are drawn to, and highlight a layout that urges customers to follow a certain path throughout your store. This allows you to decide the path they take and encourage them to see more of your merchandise.

Lighting TipsRetail Lighting

  • Avoid Shadows- Try not to hang lights directly above your products in order to avoid creating shadows, having lighting which you can adjust coming in at an angle can help avoid this
  • Light your Store During Closing Hours- Use spotlights to bring focus to merchandise in your store after you have closed to draw your customer’s attention in the dark setting
  • Highlight Focal Points- Highlight focal points and merchandise in your store by having a direct beam of light on it which will emphasize your products and bring attention to your promotional displays.
  • Warm and Cool Colors- Cool white shop lights makes spaces seem bigger and more spacious. While warmer colors make space seem smaller and creates a sense of familiarity
  • Add Lighting to Shelves- Integrate lights into all your shelves or at least the lower third to attract more customers to your bottom shelves which can sometimes go unnoticed

The 4 Types of Shop Lights

It is important to understand the four categories of shop lights and in which order you should select them.

1. General/Ambient Lighting

This refers to the main light source in your retail space but is actually intended to give enough light to the spaces where decorative, accent and task lighting are not providing sufficient enough lighting. This is why the general lighting should be picked last since you need to see the effects of the other lighting and determine how much extra light is needed. The goal of these shop lights is to create enough general light so that your customers have enough light to see everything and create a nice comfortable feeling. Make sure to have enough light to avoid any sense of gloominess. This type of lighting usually refers to track lighting.

Retail Lighting2. Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to better illuminate more focused areas where extra light is needed.

These are some examples of where this type of light is needed:

  • Entrance of the store
  • Cash wrap and Display counters
  • Fitting rooms
  • Customer service desk

3. Accent Lighting

Lighting that is used to highlight specific areas is known as accent lighting. This could be used for displays in order to highlight certain areas to make sure products stand out and create a sense of importance. This is usually selected second or third in the lighting selecting process. Accent lighting could be used to bring attention to the following areas:

  • In the front of the store where you would want to highlight new products or seasonal items
  • In shelving to create more visibility or to highlight certain productsRetail Lighting
  • To add emphasis to art or decor you might have
  • In window displays to create eye-catching displays that emphasize your merchandise
  • Integrate lighting into your displays cases or shelving, this can be done by adhering light strips into displays if they do not include lighting

4. Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is used to add beauty and ambiance to your store. So this is not only referring to the type of light that the is provided but also the design of the light fixture. This decorative element should be used to emphasize the tone that you would like to set for your brand. For instance, a store that wants to create a feeling of luxury would use a chandelier or for a cool urban vibe, you might use some trendy hanging light bulbs.

This type of lighting could be:


The four main types of light bulbs which are used for interior spaces consist of incandescent, fluorescent or CFL’s (compact fluorescent light), halogen and LED. Here is a brief overview of each:

1. Incandescent

These are generally the cheapest type of lighting but also the most inefficient kind because of their short lifespan. The other drawback is that they have a high energy which is why they are rarely used anymore for lighting retail spaces.

2. Halogen

Halogen bulbs are a better and more modern version of incandescent lights, which are best used for focused lighting. Even though they are not as efficient as LED and fluorescent lighting, they can be a good option for some situations.

3. Fluorescent /CFL

Fluorescent lighting is a good standard choice that is often used for general light since it is cost effective, energy efficient, and are longer lasting than incandescent lights.

CFL’s are a newer version of fluorescent lights which are longer lasting and even more energy efficient.

4. LED

LED’s are the most expensive but they are the longest lasting as well as the most efficient light source. This is why more stores are using LED for most of their light sources. LED is one of the best options for task, accent or decorative lighting but not recommended for general lighting. For spotlights, halogen might still provide a bit better truer light.