Why Should there be Uniforms?

Customers prefer when they can easily tell who is working in a store when they are seeking staff to help them. It has also been proven that customers are more likely to buy from an employee who is wearing a uniform than not. Letting your staff pick their clothing without any guidelines risks your employees picking out things to wear that reflect badly on your store and can come across unprofessional to your customers.

Benefits of Having Uniforms

  • Have a professional brand image
  • Advertise your brand and merchandise
  • Promote team spirit and company pride
  • Help customers identify staff

What to Incorporate in your Uniforms

Distinguishable- Your customers should be able to clearly identify who works in the store

Staff Approved- Uniforms should be comfortable and liked by staff so they feel good in what they have to work in which leads to better work ethic and satisfaction

Fashion Forward- It is important that your uniforms are stylish and represent your positively

Uniforms can include;

  • Name tags
  • Staff wearing apparel that is sold in the store
  • Having your staff all wear the same color
  • Aprons